About Us

Hello! Welcome to Three Birds Crafted!

Three Birds Crafted specializes in homemade, hypo-allergenic All Natural Beeswax melts and candles to style your home with fragrance. We are a brand dedicated to providing high quality clean and non toxic products that are safe to use around your whole family.

I’m Sam, owner and creator of Three Birds Crafted. Mama to my “three birds”- Gavin, Ethan, and Joslyn; and Wifey to my best fraaaand, Ian.

I’m an earth loving, soul searching, dance to the beat of my own drum, free spirited, intuitive hippie! I thrive on good vibes and truly believe your energy is contagious!

I started a “natural” path years ago, dabbling with essential oils. After having my daughter 6 years ago and dealing with a lot of postpartum medical issues - it was time to take charge of my health and my families. That dabbling with oils turned into an obsession, which also led me to unloading all the chemicals we were using in our daily lives. Who knew the things we were so used to using were so darn bad!? What a journey it has been!!!

Fast forward.... I’ve always loved candles but those were one of the first things I got rid of in our chemical load overhaul! I diffused oils but still missed the ambiance of candles. I dug deep in my research to find a way to bring it back but know I was still using something safe for my family and me. After a lot of practice, formulations, and test batching.... I got exactly what I hoped for!

It started as an idea, then a hobby, and now a business in hopes to share my passion for “natural” with all of you!

And if you’re wondering how Three Birds Crafted came about....

👉🏼 My “life song” has always been Three Little Birds by Bob Marley! Because through everything in life, I remind myself that “every little thing is gonna be alright”. It’s been my jam and always will be.... And it became even more fitting when my heart exploded becoming a Mama to my very own three little birds! They’re my reason for everything, especially trying to live a healthy lifestyle!

So welcome y’all! I’m glad you’re here and excited to keep spreading love throughout this journey! ✌🏼