Scent Descriptions

Autumn Scent Descriptions

Below we have included scent descriptions of all of our newly released autumn weather scents to help you choose the scents that appeal the most to you!!

Fall Fest- cinnamon | vanilla | spice
This rich, spicy blend of cinnamon and clove balanced with sweet buttercream and warm vanilla creating the aroma of an enticing fall treat.

Farmer’s Market- orange | apple | nutmeg | vanilla
A true orchard harvest alluring scent, this cozy apple fragrance has bright notes of citrus and hints of spice.

Toasted Pumpkin- pumpkin | vanilla | spice
A tempting autumn treat of creamy vanilla, warm roasted marshmallows, and spicy notes of sweet pumpkin pie.

Flannel- bergamot | mahogany | musk
A cozy unisex scent that captivates the senses and captures the mood of changing leaves, hayrides and bonfire season.

Full Moon- cinnamon | amber | patchouli
Cast a spell this spooky season with this witches brew creation. An exotic yet spicy sweet aroma to enchant your fall evenings!

Farmhouse Fig- brown sugar | fig | amber
This scent captivates the senses in a warm, cozy, luxurious way. Caramelized sugar, with ripe fig with strong pulls of amber and musk to create the most comforting scent.

Honey Honey- honey | bergamot | tobacco
This cozy fragrance has a rich sweetness with an earthy base. Warm and comforting any time of the year but a must have for the fall season.

Banana Nut- banana | nutmeg | vanilla
A nostalgic homemade classic that captures the mouth watering aromas of Grandma's homemade baking. Vanilla and cake base notes enrich the sweetness of this toasty scent!